Example of a unit's formation bar.

Like some other squad-based RTS games, formations play a large role in how your units perform. Most game mechanics can be manipulated in this way, from changing damage dealt, to altering different types of incoming damage, to how fast the unit moves.

Using FormationsEdit

When selecting a new formation, the whole unit will enter the new one in 1-3 seconds so long as it is not in combat. It is worth noting the slower a unit is moving, the quicker the transition.

New formations can be selected while the game is paused. Which is helpful, as it means the difference between victory or total defeat. For example if some heavy infantry in Shieldwall formation are about to be charged by knights, you will likely lose most of the unit in the initial charge, then die in combat. If instead they were in Close Array formation, losses would be small(if any), and then combat would be down to individual stats.

List of FormationsEdit

Horde: "By using an unorganized formation warriors can stay mobile and tough for archers to hit, but it is hard to aid their comrades in combat."

+: Good defense against archers. Small attack and defense bonus for all units.

-: Very weak against cavalry charge.

Movement: Fast

Close Array: